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One on one là gì

A one-on-one activity involves two people talking directly, usually with one teaching or giving information to the other:

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If two people discuss something one-on-one, they discuss it directly, without involving anyone else:
In sports, if something is done one-on-one, it means that each player from one team is matched to a single player from the other team.
At bottom, my data analysis involved a oneonone confrontation of two variables, both derived from the same data on party positions.
The oneonone interview portion of the study occurred first at each location, and this portion was followed by a group discussion with all four participants.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.
The measurement procedure was a oneonone interview that allowed a very good indication of whether learning occurred.
The young adulthood interviews were conducted via oneonone interviews either in the subjects” home or at the host institute of the investigators.
In the oneonone case that is our current focus, an injunction is only granted if the plaintiff is right about the law.
For breast cancer surgery, this involves counseling patients (preferably oneonone) on issues such as the management of surgical drains and the optimal use of analgesics.
But intelligent tutors can already accrue – and pool – more oneonone interaction with students than any human tutor can accumulate in a lifetime.
We gave parents the task of showing some relatively unfamiliar objects to their children oneonone, emulating a fairly common occurrence in everyday life.
A second issue of flexibility was the idea of private, oneonone services versus group interventions.

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He believes his composition is best experienced directly as software, in a oneonone confrontation between listener and composition with the interface acting as mediator.
They also meet the students in a series of oneonone counselling sessions that foster individual contact and learner-counsellor dialogue.
These societies should explicitly address career development issues through lectures at meetings and through ongoing, oneonone mentoring by experienced medical ethicists.
For example, telephone follow-up, group, and oneonone sessions were thought to meet the needs of different bereaved parents.
Several studies referred to preceptorship models and, although not overtly explained, would imply a oneonone working relationship between a nurse and a student.
A total of 64 minutes of the language data was coded (28 minutes of group discussions and 36 minutes of oneonone interviews).





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