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The basic divisions are between anterior coronals (dentals and alveolars), non-anterior laminal coronals (palato-alveolars) and non-anterior apical coronals (retroflexes).

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Records were kept of their age (according to dental formula and physical appearance), gender and locality.
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Lack of illness or injury, good dental health, and normal waist circumference had the strongest associations with perceived good health.
Improvements in general dental health for exogenous reasons have weakened the bargaining power of this position.
Reviews 281 voiced interdental fricative and the voiced emphatic dental stop have merged as a pharyngealised dental-alveolar stop.
However, ceiling effects make it impossible to distinguish performance on palato-alveolar and dental stops – both were identified with almost 100 % accuracy.
She gave an example of a case of advanced mouth cancer being diagnosed following a routine dental screening exercise in one of the hostels.
Psychometric evidence that mercury from silver dental fillings may be an etiological factor in depression, excessive anger, and anxiety.
A dental technician, age fty-three, who had just retired from the army, gave a more elaborate hedged view of tribal law.
Furthermore, the isotopic composition of each tooth is fixed when that tooth develops and remains unchanged subsequently because dental tissue does not remodel.
Dental attrition levels suggest a broader and flatter age profile for the pendants than for the soldiers, with a significantly higher mean age.

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However, the age distribution of dental remains in the sample, which preserve better than bone, would suggest otherwise.
Differences in age assessments are likely explained by misidentification of molar positions in the original study and improved standards for dental maturation.





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